Thursday, July 17, 2008

Braid Bites-by NuBeads (Just Bead It!) New Product Launch!

Introducing Braid Bites (Just Bead It!) , hitting the market is an outstanding new innovation for your hair created by NuBeads founder Patricia Dobine. Patricia contacted Invention Support and Idea Design Studios to help design and produce her vision. Not only was the product designed and produced but Patricia was able to create a New Business Venture. Patricia along with our group created and electrified a new concept in beading hair. The inspiration for this invention came to her through the need for a less time consuming method of beading her braids. Patricia desired for more opportunities and options with her fashion and her hair fashion statements. Braid Bites allows for that expression to be unleashed. As an inventor and entrepreneur Patricia worked diligently and professionally on this concept. Her attitude and expressions are that of a true artist that wants their work and effort to benefit others.

Out of pure frustration with the current process Patricia development Braid Bites so anyone can snap them on saving time and creating a new style. This invention is a practical idea for the consumer wishing to bead their braids, twist etc., or maintain their existing braids. The concept is practical for hair designers, large corporations that provide hair products and manufacturers of hair products. This new invention was forged through her experience and knowledge of the industry.

After many design models and prototype refining Braid Bites became a reality. We here at Invention Support and Idea Design Studio applaud Patricia’s efforts and dedication. We are happy to be apart of such an outstanding new product. We will continue to help Patricia market and sell Braid Bites through multiple cross promotion campaigns, web presence, trade show exposure and word of mouth contact. We are confident this product will be a success and we are all looking forward to our continued efforts with Patricia.

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Shelley said...

Trying to find contact information for the owner of this product as I am interested in purchasing...if you have it plese sent it to me at