Friday, June 6, 2008

First Step to Inventing

Lets face it, the main reason that so few people reach there goals in life is because they simply don't take action. The same is true with new ideas and inventing. Far to many inventors will never take action on an idea only to find it on the market in a few years. Or, they will get a negative comment from there brothers sisters cousins uncle and never move forward. Remember a persons attitude is a reflection of there life. Use real facts and research to make decisions on your idea. Take advice from people you value the opinion of and have had the experience and accomplishments to back it up.

Take action on your idea or invention. This does not mean to blindly follow through just because you have an idea it means move forward obtaining real answers until those answers tell you otherwise. Here are a few questions you need answered early:
  1. Does my idea have a specific purpose or fill a need?
  2. Do I have a great design and function?
  3. Have I seen anything similar to my design or function? (Preliminary searching)
  4. Does my idea or invention work? (If not can I get help to make it work?)
  5. Would people I know buy this idea?
  6. Do I feel strongly enough about my idea or invention to put forth the effort?

These questions will get you in the right direction. Get answers and make decisions that feel right. Ultimately, when we take action it may turn into positive answers and sometimes it will not. Either way you can feel good that you are taking action and moving forward. Your directions may change and your life may change for the better.

Remember, there are no guarantees in life but rest assured if you do nothing then you will have no control of what ever happens. This is the greatest time in history to work on a new idea or invention. So start by taking some Action!

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