Thursday, June 19, 2008

Invention & Idea Show

We recently attended the Invention & Idea Show sponsored by the Minnesota Inventors Congress. They are celebrating there 51st annual event, established in 1958 they are a non profit organization dedicated to the advancement of inventors and their ideas. Check out some of the show details at Invent Helper . The event was held June 13th and 14th as the world’s oldest annual convention.

Among some of the great relationships we established at this event we meet with The United Stated Patent and Trademark office representatives, Inventors Network, Pelham West Licensing Scouts and Invent Right. We are sending follow up information to all the licensing scouts at this show to include products we have currently contracted to license. One product specifically we are working with that grabbed attention was Swing Correct. This is a great new product to perfect your golf swing. Another of our products Conform-A Tie also got some notice. We are looking forward to continued interest in other products and additional progress from our licensing efforts.

Some of the products we witnessed at the show included the Step-Up which won the 2007 Grand Prize and one of our favorites Spiral Eye Needles which caught the eye of many of the attendees. It goes to show you that having a physical product can really help to gain recognition and exposure.

After attending multiple seminars and having many discussions with professionals at this event we have once again confirmed our initial program. Here are the initial steps that inventors should follow for product development.
First design your idea (Idea Design) and be creative with it. Have a professional create 3d designs and computer models for visual effect and design originality.
Next get a professional to do a patent search for you (a great source for this is found at the United Inventors Association) which is another group we met at the trade show.
After completing the initial two steps its time to move onto the physical prototype stage (Prototype). This step is very important and should be done professionally, not only does your invention need to function but it needs to have manufacturability. You want to know it can be reproduced and what it will take to do that.
Now you have a functioning product, its time to look into a patent. If done sooner you run the risk of a patent on something that you may not be able to produce or a product that must go through major changes in design (which could cause more patent work anyway). There is much debate as to when to file for a patent, so you should always consult with a professional.

In coming Blog posts we will have some in-depth posts from each of the contacts we established from this years event. We are looking forward to next year’s event as we continue to build on the relationships from this year.

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