Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Time! Create Ideas with Kids!

If you have inventive natures why not bring the kids into the action. Summer is here and it is a great time to bond with the kids. They probably have already seen you tinkering around with your ideas and have shown interest. How about getting them involved? It is important to keep them active and learning. One thing is to hand them the modeling clay and have them try and shape together your idea or try and draw it out. But, it you need help with more kid friendly ideas we have some great sites for you to check out.

There are plenty of resources online for kids to help inspire there inventive minds. The United Stated Patent Office has a great kids section for learning and exploring fun. Check it out at . It is a very interactive and colorful site with lots of learning games and interaction. Next on the list is Kids Invent. This is a great site to purchase instructional brochures for inventing at schools and home. The brochures are inexpensive ranging for around $3.00 to $5.00 for each activity. They also have a great description so you can review them and pick out the ones you and your child are most interested in. Check out there site at .

The next place we found interesting is By Kids for Kids. This site is very kid friendly they have contests for cash prizes and really cool ideas to share. The site is geared for kids of all ages. Check it out at . The last site is really more of an overall kid friendly zone and not just about inventing. It is worth mentioning because it has many links for research and education. Check it out at .

Now you have some great resources to get involved in this summer to stay creative. Keep and open mind and just run with it. Oh yeah and don’t forget to have a few BBQs in between.

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